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Let us work for you

The Deri XXl relocation motto is: At the time of execution for your move we take over all tasks, which results in you quickly leaving your past residence and being settled into your new one. 

By packing up you valuable possessions with care in special cardboard boxes, foils and covers, your furniture and other valuable are well protected. 

Some other good reasons why you should leave the packing of your furniture to us includes: our experience in packing sensitive items such as porcelain and glass; we pack these items individually, using several layers of tissue paper and then cardboard boxes so that all of your items arrive safely at your new swelling. 

We also protect large pieces of furniture such as sofas and armchairs by special sleeves designed to protect against damage and contamination. Book lovers and collectors can also rely on us to ensure that their favorite books are safely transported to the new dwelling again and back into their old place in the bookcase. 

Correct and careful loading of the LKWs, as well as transportation to the new residence and the unloading of your property into the new dweilling is included in the DERI XXL service. If, however, something should be damaged, it will be covered by our insurance. 

With our DERI XXL, still further assistance is offered:

  • Craftsman assisstance in the old and new home – for example, installation of electrical appliances and/or devices with water connection.
  • Carpenter work: i.e. disassembly and assembly of furniture or the adjustment of furniture to the new areas, like electrical installation works.
  • Consultation and planning – how the furniture can be set up in your new home.
  • We also take over final purification of the old dwelling and gladly dispose of old furniture for you.

An extended benefit is also available in our Relocationservice . We will gladly help you in procuring your housing arrangements, announcing your telephone connection, searching for a suitable tenant, and settling legal situations. 

Unloading your household into the new apartment

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