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Rental and sale of removal equipment

Our robust moving boxes are ideal for protecting your belongings during their journey to your new home. Our selection of different moving boxes and packing materials ensures that the loading procedure is problem-free, and also that nothing shifts during transport. 

We offer you moving boxes in different sizes. Our standard boxes come with a bearing load of 40kg and are effortlessly assembled and folded back together. Our book box is smaller and is ideal for books, folders, records or CDs. Books and heavy items should not be packed into the big moving boxes, as, otherwise, they will become too heavy, which may cause them to tear at the sides and their bottoms to fall out. 

Our clothes box is the ideal solution for clothes on hangers. The clothes - whether blouses, shirts or suits - can be transferred from your wardrobe directly onto the box?s 60cm-long clothes rail. The clothes box could even be used as a temporary wardrobe if the new wardrobe hasn?t been delivered yet. 

Paper and glass inserts are useful materials for the packaging of dishes and other fragile items. We can also offer you bottle protectors so that nothing goes awry during transport. 

Cling-wrap in different sizes can engulf even the largest three-piece-suite and can protect it from soiling, dampness and damage. 

Bubble-wrap is the ideal packaging material for the protection of mirrors, glass plates, varnished items of furniture and art objects, such as sculptures or valuable articles. 

Corner protectors are made from strong cardboard and protect the sensitive corners of pictures. 

We can offer you a variety of different packaging materials to ensure that your items for removal are packaged with care. 


Packing boxes and packaging materials help your move

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