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Seniors Removals

Life experience requires a special removal.

For many people, their situation has changed once they have entered their senior years. Their children have become independent, and perhaps they now live alone and the house has become too big. A move at such a time is often so much more demanding and significant than might otherwise be the case. 

Saying "goodbye" to a familiar environment, where one may have spent several decades living; a potential relinquishing of beloved furniture and souvenirs; and, on top of that, the many other tasks which go hand in hand with the actual move can amount to a nearly insurmountable challenge for seniors. 

In light of this, it is, in the case of carrying out seniors removals, of special importance for us to consider these special circumstances, and to ensure an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Starting with the first call, our removal consultants receive all your special wishes with empathy and discreteness, and develop an individual moving plan together with you. We help you with the measurement of your new house and will gladly also develop an appropriate furnishing plan together with you. 

The actual move starts with the packaging and boxing of your belongings. All necessary furniture disassembly and reassembly, as well as electrical and water connections are, of course, included in our service offer. You can?t take all furniture with you? No problem! You can either have us store these items or we will support you with their processing or their professional disposal. A move normally creates a lot rubbish. The attic or basement is full and needs to be cleared? We take care of this for you as well! Administrative errands, re-registrations? Whether you need help with changing your address or purchasing a new TV/radio license, we will gladly support you! Of course, you don?t have to use all of our services. 

You decide what you consider important and right! 

We - Derichsweiler Umzüge -, as a specialist with many years of experience in seniors removals, possess the necessary sensibility and consideration for the needs and wishes of seniors. 

As a certified removal specialist, we will gladly support you! 


Felt gliders for parquet are an absolute must for us!

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