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Deri-Standard Umzug


The Deri standard is: If you would like to do part of the move work yourself and leave the remainder to us, then you decided which work you would like to settle and take over; for example, packing the table-ware and the disassembly and/or assembly of furniture. 

Other companies may pack your table-ware in newspaper and stow smaller articles away in banana crates. 

This, however, will leave printing-ink on the table-ware and pieces of broken glass of what used to be your valuable possessions. Safe packing of your property and safe transporting your cardboard boxes and other special containers are and absolute must for us! Our sturdy cardboard boxes offer optimal protection for all of your things. With us, you can even select whether you would like to buy the cardboard containers or , for your fragile possessions like porcelain or glass, you can even obtain soft tissue paper from us in order to better protect them. 

For your clothes we have dress boxes, in which your articles of clothing are kept hanging during transport. Pictures receive protections at corners and edges by edge preservers and picture crates. 

Removal covers protect your furniture and other large articles during transport in the truck. Large pieces of furniture such as built-in cabinets or installation kitchens are to be carried into the new home and installed there if necessary. We even procure a new sill plate for you installation kitchen if the old sill plate cannot be used and longer. 

On the one hand, you can choose a DERI XXL removal package in which we pack all of your possession; while, on the other hand, you may also choose only to allow us to pack high-quality pieces of furniture and art to transport while you take over all other tasks yourself. 

We take over special transportation for bulky and valuable articles such as pianos, safety deposit boxes and works of art gladly. For these items we have an inclined elevator with operating personnel for the overcoming of several floors and close stairways. 

We will gladly discuss our offer with you personally. 

Packing your household for us an absolute must!

Derichsweiler Umzüge

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