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Check list for relocating with children

  1. You should speak with your children a long time before the move about the reason for the move and the date of the move.
  2. Does your child go to school or kindergarten? Think about the displacement there and the new city school system.
  3. Where do you leave the children on the moving day? Ask friends and grandparents whether they can guard the children. If this does not go: organize to have a babysitter. If the children are present chaos is bound to occur. Older children, however, may be helpful in the moving process so you can assign them some small but concrete tasks.
  4. Have you made a moving plan already? In the sketch, you should draw in where your furniture is to be located in the new dwelling. The children can already plan, for example, where they want to place their bed and toy shelves.
  5. When should you pack the toys? These should be packed last as the same time as the furniture of the child’s room. Stow dolls and teddies away alone. Place the child’s things in the new dwelling first so that the small ones get accustomed faster.
  6. Do not let all of the child’s toys be packed in a crate. On the moving day give at least one special toy o your child so that they have a familiar toy on the trip to their new home.
  7. What might be missing? Diapers, baby food, etc. should be ready in the new dwelling. The best way to ensure this is to put these such things in one of the last crates and then transport it in your own car.
  8. During the winter months, make sure to heat the new areas for a warm homecoming.
  9. Has it been a good start? Explore with your child the new environment. Go and meet the new neighbors together or meet new people and children so that they have some comrades to play with.

Packing your household for us an absolute must!

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