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Deri-Standard Umzug

Check list for privation relocation

  1. Remember that gas, electricity, broadcast, television, telephones and newspapers must be canceled.
  2. Communicate the change of your address to the post office, the bank, your insurance, and your carious suppliers with which a contract exists. Also, your acquaintances will want to know where you live now so we can gladly give you suitable, preprinted maps to where you will be living. Due to the Motor Vehicles Regulations you must announce you new address within 3 months.
  3. You should give special attention to the possibly necessary re-education of your children. You should contact the new school promptly and converse once with the principle to ensure everything is in order.
  4. Make yourself a plan of your new dwelling, so that it is possible for our coworkers to set your furniture to the place you wish it to be.
  5. Set aside some time for the examination of your house and separate everything appropriately before you pack up. This saves moving expenses.
  6. Let television sets, washing machines, refrigerators and radios be the responsibility of customer service since our adhesion is reduced to the valid transportation conditions.
  7. We are not responsible for damage caused by explosive, poisonous and radiating materials by oils, fats or animals.
  8. Promptly examine the heaters which you want to carry and transport into your new home. Also, make sure that these heaters will ship as fast as possible so that they are available in your new home immediately. This is recommended above all if you move during the autumn or winter time.
  9. Craftsmen such as painters, paperhangers, electrical mechanics (who will be there to both dismantle you devices in the old dwelling and for the setting these devices back up in the new dwelling) will be at your disposal. This type of work is not the responsibility of our workers, however we will gladly be with you through all procedures and contact these workers as needed.
  10. Your landlord will want to see your home before you leave. You must let him visit the dwelling at an agreed upon or designated time. A usual inspection of the home will occur on a Monday- Friday between 10 AM to 12 PM or from 3 PM to 5 PM. The landlord has to be present at one of these times.
  11. Your house should be left clean and swept, and the cellars and basements should be cleared out.
  12. All keys pertaining to the house must be delivered to the landlord, even if you had extra keys made. Also the keys to safety locks to the house doors must be given to the landlord if the lock is not removed before you vacate the dwelling. The keys to your furniture should be marked and collected by you before the big move. You will then have these keys in your new dwelling immediately.
  13. Let glass. Porcelain and similar sensitive articles be packed by our coworkers because the treatment of these things requires special attention and circumspection, which our people are trained in. If such articles are not pack by our workers, we can not be held responsible for any damage that may occur.
  14. Make sure to bring to our attention valuable art pieces and other fragile articles. Our policy for damage and losses is clearly stated and any damage that is acquired to your items during the move will be evaluated and covered according to the agreements you will sign.
  15. We recommend transport insurance, which we will gladly arrange for you to prepare for the risks for which we are not responsible. Damage to the property or losses must be determined immediately after delivery in the new dwelling and under consultation of a responsible person from our company. This must also be given in writing.
  16. It is advisable to remove and unpack your property immediately in the new home since otherwise extra costs may result from late complaints.
  17. Please separate furniture you want to be transported from the furniture you will be leaving behind. We will gladly store the furniture which you cannot put immediately into your new home. You will receive a receipt of your goods if this is the case. With us, storage conditions include a limitations liability, which you must read for yourself so you are aware of any and all situations.
  18. Since moving work costs both energy and sweat, our workers are always pleased about receiving beverages and or a small tip.
  19. Clear written agreements, for which there are forms, open discussions for all existing and are developed discrepancies and are available to help avoid later arguments and annoyances.
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