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Deri-Standard Umzug

Check list for the firm removal

  1. Plan and organize your move promptly.
  2. If possible you should plan the move for the weekend, then no precious work time is lost.
  3. We can gladly provide a helpful relocating plan.
  4. Tell your customers and partners your new address, telephone number, fax number, etc.
  5. Give notice to the electric, water and gas companies.
  6. You should promptly inform your coworkers about the move, for example with an info letter.
  7. We supply you with sufficient removal material, like cardboard boxes, PC tubes, documents cars and packing materials.
  8. We will gladly furnish a private area for you at the unloading place.
  9. You are in charge of returning keys to your coworkers and employers.
  10. You specify the sequence to which the office will be moved – i.e. which part of the building/office will be moved first.
  11. You segregate useless and defective office furniture for disposal.
  12. You worry about the electrical garbage. We will gladly dispose of it for you if you need.
  13. Which documents can be disposed of? We will gladly take over for you and you will receive a destruction proof from us.
  14. Secure your data.
  15. We can arrange a professional decorator as well as a painter enterprise to recondition the old areas again for you.
  16. You consider the allocation of seats in the new office and make sure to regard the desires of your coworkers and colleagues as much as possible.
  17. Who organizes the allocation of the office space and furniture placing plan? You will need to be prepared to answer this.
  18. Who installs and configures the EDP plant in the new office?
  19. You motivate your coworkers and organize an inaugurations celebration in the new office.
Derichsweiler Umzüge

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